Here Are The Best Fixed Gear Bikes For All Kinds Of Bikers

Fixed gear bikes are popular for young bikers. However, whether you’re young or not, this type of bike is a lot of fun to drive. Unlike other types of bikes, a fixie allows the rider to pedal both forward and backward. This is a very handy feature especially when you’re living in an urban city where you can get stuck in the traffic too often. A fixie bike is simple which is great for those who are not in the mood to carry a lot of kits in their bikes. So if you can’t wait to get your fixie bike, better take a look at these bike models now!

Retrospec Mantra

This one is a very versatile model. It might look like an ordinary fixed gear bike at first glance, but the Retrospec Mantra has features that you might not see in other models. The brakes, pedal straps, as well as the other parts of the bike can be swapped if you want to. This is a great bike for when you just want to have a lazy drive around the city and even for when you are in the mood for a little race. The Retrospec Mantra is a light bike to drive so it’s very ideal for riders of any age and gender.

Critical Cycles Urban Road Bike

If you’re hunting for a budget-friendly bicycle, the Critical Cycles Urban Road Bike is one of the best ones that you should check out. It’s pretty undeniable that fixie bikes are all more affordable than other types of bikes. But for those who are in need of a bike that is, even more, cheaper, just like students, then this fixie bike model is a great find. This bike has a very stylish design that commuters, especially students, would love. The steel frame is solid and could last you a long time but keep in mind that the other parts like the pedals and the tires are of a cheaper quality so you might need to replace it after a few months of use.

Pure Fix Cycles Fixed Gear Urban

The Pure Fix Cycles Fixed Gear Urban is a very durable bike model. It might not be as expensive as other brands but it has a very impressive design that you might want your bike to have. It has a flip-flop cog system, a 44:16 and 74.25 gear inches, and the steel frame is tig-welded. You can use this to help you with your everyday chores, but it can also be a beach cruiser bike whenever needed. If you want to buy a bike that can take a lot of stress, this one’s your guy.


Fixie bikes are not just for youngsters. There are models that even those who have been biking for a long time now would love to try. If you’re thinking of switching from a multiple-geared bike, to a fixie, these bike models are just some of the ones that you need to check out. Each of them has pros and cons that you can take into consideration so that you’d be able to choose the best one that you should invest in.